Art Auto Body Hyundai Certification

Was your Hyundai vehicle in an accident? Look no further than Art Auto Body in West Nyack, New York!We have been certified by Hyundai and trained with the skills and expertise to repair your vehicle’s damage to the detailed specifications set by your Hyundai manufacturer. We have also invested in the necessary equipment to make precise and correct repairs for your particular model. Our technicians will also recommend the use ofgenuine Hyundai parts which have the form and function engineered by the manufacturer and such parts will maintain your warranty. Aftermarket, refurbished or recycled parts are not meant for your specific car and could void your Hyundai warranty plus they may not protect you in a future accident. We want to take care of you and your car which is why we have gone another step further to maintain our Hyundai certification. Our entire facility is inspected on a yearly basis to ensure that we are keeping up with a high-level of customer satisfaction by providing you a clean, professional collision center with technicians who are highly-skilled and properly trained. Let the professionals at Art Auto Body take care of you and your Hyundai vehicle!


The following are reasons why you should bring your vehicle to the Hyundai Recognized Collision Center at Art Auto Body:

  • We encourage using genuine parts that are original to the equipment manufacturer (OEM). *
  • Genuine Hyundai parts maintain the safety and value of your vehicle.
  • Genuine Hyundai parts are also meant to fit your vehicle which could reduce installation time.
  • We use the tools and equipment meant to repair each model of Hyundai vehicle.
  • We commit to protect the pre-collision safety and value of your vehicle.
  • We follow the most current manufacturer’s specifications for repairing your Hyundai.
  • We are focused on customer satisfaction and are rated by a Customer Service Index (CSI).
  • We offer a limited lifetime warranty backed by Hyundai.


* Hyundai USA states that “while the use of Hyundai genuine parts is not required to keep your Hyundai manufacturer warranties, should damage result from the use or installation of non-Hyundai genuine parts, Hyundai or its authorized dealers would have the right to deny warranty coverage for that part and charge you for any repairs”.

We serve West Nyack, New York and the surrounding communities of Rockland County and have over 30 years of experience in the auto collision industry.

If your Hyundai vehicle has been in an accident, please contact us at

Art Auto Body at 845-358-3083

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